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* 1977 KZ650 Bonneville Article
* KZ650 Article in Motorcycle Sport Magazine
* 1976 KZ650 Review Article
* 1980 KZ650 Owners Review Article
* 1978 KZ650 First Impressions Article
* November 1976 'Cycle Guide' Preview
* December 1976 'Cycle Guide' Road Test
* November 1976 'Cycle' Road Test
* November 1976 'Cycle World' Preview
* Febuary 1977 'Cycle World' Road Test - Helpful Links

Below are some links that I have found useful in finding parts, or information for the KZ650. Please let me know if you have any more and I will put them up!


Kawasaki Website
Z1Enterprises (OEM and Aftermarket Parts)
Bike Bandit (OEM Parts)
Parts & More (OEM Parts)
Cycle / Re-Cycle (After Market Parts)
Bike Barn (OEM Parts)
Babbits Online (OEM Parts)
Dennis Kirk (After Market Parts)
All Balls Racing (Bearings)
Z-Power (OEM Parts)
Oregon Motorcycle Parts (Rectifiers)
American Classix (Special Interest Motorcycle Parts and Memorabilia)
Speed Moto Company (New and used vintage and classic parts for Japenese motorcycles)
Japanese Motorcycle Dismantlers (Used Parts)
Bike Boneyard (Used Parts)
Cycle Brakes (Anything to do with Motorcycle Brakes)
Vintage Connections (Vintage Electrical Connectors and other restoration goodies) (Motorcycle Carb site)
Cycle Wareables (Some vintage parts and other goodies)
J&P Cycles (Vintage and modern motorcycle parts)
IOffer (Kinda like ebay, but NOT ebay!)
Motorcycle Parts (Used Parts and manuals, sometimes has a lot sometimes don't)
Street Parts Unlimited (Have some KZ650 parts)
Bike Parts Outlet (NOS and used parts)
Redline Cycle (Master Cylinder kit for Trapezoid style)
Johnny's Vintage Motorcycle (Some KZ650 stuff, other Kawasaki parts)
Anubis Cycle (Some KZ Parts and Guage Refacing Services)
Alto USA (Greate Source for clutch plates)
Tires Unlimited
House of Handlebars (Handlebars, tires and Helmets) (Powder Coating Supplies) (Motorcycle Parts Distributer + tools) (Parts Cross Reference Software for Kawasaki and others)
Carb Kits Capital (KZ650 Carb Parts) (Spare parts and accessories for the Kawasaki Z 650 B1-B3 76-80)
Craig Vetter (Windjammer Windscreens and other accessories)


KZ Rider
Kawasaki Motorcycle Forum
Odd Ivar's KZ400 Site. Not for the 650's, but a good resource anyway!
Motorcyle USA (All Bikes)

Re-production parts

Badge Replicas
Reproduction Decals
Anubis Cycle (Guage Refacing)

Information Sites

General Motorcycle Repair Info
How Stuff Works - Motorcycle Carbs
Link to a Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Links page (with some good links)
Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club
Z650 Website - a lot of GREAT information!
All the UK motorcycle lists

Service Sites

Fischer Vintage Cycle
wiredgeorge Motorcycle Carburetors

Motorcycle Manuals

Clymer's Website
The Motor Book Store
Cycle Wareables Books Page (TONS of bike manuals including factory manuals for some bikes) (You have to join to download, but lots of books with more added all the time)!


Classic Motorcycle Fiberglass (Fiberglass fairings, and body parts for the cafe or streetfighter look)
Hot Grips (Heated grips)
Motorcycle Hot Seat (Seat Warmers)
Dakota Digital (Electronic guages)
Bike Intercom (Communication devices)
KZ Zone (High Performance Parts for KZ Motorcycles)
Custom Dynamics (So you want Bling? Check these guys out!)

Other Bike Sites

Exotic Sport Bike (Motorcycle Parts and Accessories for all types of Sportbikes)